The Hardest Peace giveaway!!!

Today is the day of The Hardest Peace giveaway. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU to all who entered and who are supporting Kara. I know many of you have never met her but have fallen in love with her through her story. Today I picked up my personal order of The Hardest Peace at the bookstore. The kind-faced clerk asked, Did you go to her book release party? I smiled, Yes–she is a close friend. The lady’s smile disappeared. I’m sorry, she said.

I almost laughed. I know she was saying, I’m sorry your friend is sick; I’m sorry your friend is dying; I’m sorry you will have to live without her. But how could anyone be sorry to know my Kara?! I wanted to respond kindly, gently: Don’t be sorry–this life is fleeting and before we know it, we will all be together in the fulfillment of hope and joy.

And now I get to share that promise of hope and joy with a reader! I enlisted the assistance of one chocolate-faced helper.

First, we wrote down a name for every entry.


We put the pieces of paper in a bowl. My chocolate-faced helper is taking a picture with his phone, too.


Then my chocolate-faced helper picked a name and exclaimed: Ta-da! Me. Safe. Day. (I saved the day!)FullSizeRender(2)

Is that better?


Ah, this is clear. Congratulations, Shannon! I will email you presently.  FullSizeRender(4)


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