Ten texts I recently would have otherwise sent to Kara…


  1. Guess what I got for Mother’s Day?! A PINK dining room! Come see it!
  2. Lyle Lovett is coming to town! Are you going?!
  3. Am I really writing a book on community? Will you just write it for me?
  4. Tequila is my boyfriend…but you knew that…
  5. Von and I miss you; when can we bring you Dutch Bros. and cuddle and chat?
  6. Ella was brilliant in her school play; she stole the show! So proud!!
  7. My pantyliner somehow came unattached from my underwear and is now stuck on my cheek and I’m too lazy to go to the bathroom and fix it.
  8. I can’t believe Jason bought an RV—what about his dream of a VW bus?! Where are you adventuring?!
  9. My heart hurts and I could use some Kara prayer.
  10. Am at Barnes and Noble and see your book on the shelf!! AAAACH!!