Praying for marriage, days 11-21

I have to tell you, friends, that I have been super blessed in this journey already. I believe God is honoring my desire to strengthen my own marriage and encourage my husband. God has enabled me to trust in Him to take some steps of faith in reaching out to Aaron, and every time has been beautiful. I know it’s because God is changing my heart to be thinking more of Aaron than myself, and when I act in love rather than selfishness, it deepens the roots of our relationship, which are rooted in Christ. I hope and pray that you are being blessed, too!!

This is the last section of specific prayers for our spouses. The next section will be prayers we pray on our own behalf. If you are not married, please pray these things for me and other wives you know and love.

We will be praying for some pretty deep things in this section, especially in regard to our spouses’ faith and understanding of the Gospel. If there are things you don’t understand or are unsure about, please contact me. I would love that talk to you about your questions and help you wrestle them out in your heart.


Day 11: Time—I pray you will be a good steward of your time, prioritizing well and eliminating things that are a waste of your resources. I pray that God will be gracious in making you productive in the time you have. I pray that you will manage your time well and make the most of our short days and short time on this earth.


Day 12: Fears—I pray the fears that plague you will be squelched by the Holy Spirit. I pray that you will never live in fear or make decisions motivated by fear. I pray that God will draw you close to Him and teach you to live in faith, not fear. I pray that the scars of the past that have propelled these fears will heal and heal and heal, and I pray that I will be a safe place to voice your fears and bring them into the open. I pray that you will learn to lean on God when fears threaten and have faith in Him even when that is scary. I pray you will believe what a courageous spirit God has given you.


Day 13: Temptations—I pray that God will convince you that you are equipped to resist temptation. I pray that you will believe wholeheartedly that you have a new nature and are no longer slave to your old longings. I pray that you will not feel shame in being tempted and that you will understand temptation in itself is not a sin—even Jesus was tempted. I pray that you will bring forward your struggle when you are tempted and tell me or a trusted friend. I pray I am a safe, non-condemning place for you to bring your struggles and that I can encourage you and effectively point you to the Gospel.


Day 14: Hopes and Dreams—I pray that God will delight to grant you the desires of your heart, and that He will mold your desires according to His plan for you and what will bring you true joy, satisfaction, contentment, and pleasure. I pray that you will be able to dream and discover what your heart longs for, that you will have the courage to speak these secrets to God, that you can dream together, and that God will give you hopes much deeper than what you imagined. I pray for faith that God will satisfy your hopes and deliver you to a greater glory than anything available on earth.


Day 15: Community—I pray that you (we) will find/make community where we are planted. I pray that you will have courage and compassion to reach out to neighbors and develop relationships with them. I pray that you will be loved well by our church and that you will reach out to others. I pray that you will be a safe place for others and that you will sew harmony, love, and joy.


Day 16: Family—I pray for your relationships with extended family, for healing, peace, encouragement, and hope. I pray you will have wisdom in setting appropriate boundaries where needed and in pursuing relationships that will be an encouragement.


Day 17: Our family—I pray you will lead well in courage, strength, and hope. I pray you will always look to God for wisdom as well as a model for being a husband and father. I pray you will experience God’s passion for you as your father and creator and that you will never doubt his great, deep love for you. I pray we will honor and respect you, even when we don’t feel like it, and that you will thrive as a husband and father, never unsure how crazy we are about you.


Day 18: Our marriage—I pray that we will grow closer to Jesus and closer together. I pray that the Oneness of our marriage will be realized more and more. I pray that we will not coast, but will work diligently toward building a stronger foundation for our relationship. I pray that we will trust God as the head of our marriage and that we will trust the Holy Spirit in each other, especially when we are not acting trustworthily. I pray that I will always encourage you and not criticize, that I will love you and not condemn, and that you will have the faith in God to believe that I truly love you as deeply as I say I do and that you will believe that I am a safe place and want to care more for you than I do myself. I pray you will trust our love as it is rooted in Christ’s. I pray that our marriage will reflect Christ’s love for His Church.


Day 19: Friends—I pray your friendships will grow and that you will make new friends. I pray that you will be a safe place for your friends, encouraging them and comforting them. I pray that you will be loved well and effectively by your friends and that you will all interact with courage and boldness to love and speak truth. I pray for a passion for your non-Christian friends.


Day 20: Relationship with God—I pray that you will be more and more convinced every day of God’s love for you. I pray that you will know his delight and that it is based on Christ, not on anything you have or have not done. I pray that you will believe his Word and that you will understand in a miraculous way that God’s grace for you extends farther than your imagination. I pray that you will truly believe with all your heart that God’s forgiveness is free to you (bought with a price to God) and that you do not need to try to earn it. I pray against shame—any perceptions of your identity that are not rooted in who God says you are. I pray that you will grow to love God and look forward to your time with Him. I pray that you will continue to mature into the man God created you to be. I pray that you will have the confidence to live out of your new nature in Christ, not your old fleshy nature. I pray that you will find contentment and joy in God’s love but that He will woo your heart to him and that you will long for Heaven. I pray that you will find rest in God’s love, safety in God’s love, courage in God’s love. I pray that I will be a conduit of God’s love and love you well and wholly.


Day 21: Gospel living—I pray that you will live out of the truth of the Gospel and God’s great love for you and Jesus’ great sacrifice for you. I pray that you will understand and believe the Gospel on a deeper level every single day and that it will be more and more real to you. I pray that you will be overwhelmed by the Gospel and that your heart will be filled with its joy and hope. I pray that God will continue to woo you and draw you to Him and convince you of His desire to be in relationship with you. I pray that you will desire to glorify God and delight in him and enjoy him. I pray that you will live in light of eternity and that you will have wisdom and discernment while on Earth to make decisions in light of their eternal impact. I pray that you will rest in God’s love and have a heart incredible thankful for Him.