Praying for marriage, day 99

I am praying for the rejected. Those who are rejected by their spouses either emotionally, spiritually, financially, physically, sexually, etc. Those who have been rejected by their children, in-laws, church, friends. Those who have been rejected by a potential spouse, thus denying them the blessing of marriage. I am praying that the rejected believe their value in God’s eyes over their value in others’ eyes. I am praying that God reveals himself to them in a mighty but tender way, shouting his love from the rooftops in the most intimate manner, convincing their hearts beyond a doubt that his love for them is worth a million times the love of all earthly kings.

I also am praying for those who are alone in their marriages, whether they’ve been abandoned physically, emotionally, or spiritually. I am praying for people who have no one to share their burden, for those who are alone in figuring out how to make ends meet and how to raise the children and how to even face the next day. I am praying for those whose spouses have checked out emotionally and no longer interact meaningfully, who use poor substitutes for love, who give up on their marriage, who refuse to acknowledge marriage is not about them, but about Jesus Christ. My heart aches for those who spoke their vows with the joy and hope of a life-long partner and who have been heart-breakingly disappointed both by choice and by death or illness.

And I pray that those of use around these alone people will not turn a blind eye toward them, but will have the courage to reach out, to surround them in love and mercy, to make sure that they are not alone any longer.