Praying for marriage, day 73

When we did our 100 Days of Praying for Marriage a couple of years ago, we wanted to pray for couples who have suffered the death of a child but I was at a loss. I couldn’t imagine the depth of the pain and the subsequent emotions after losing a child, much less how it would affect a marriage. So I asked my aunt, whose second son died when he was just five years old. I don’t remember him because I was just a baby, but I always felt like I knew him–our family speaks of him regularly as though it were just yesterday he was running around with a football and telling people about Jesus. I feel blessed to know him even in this way, and I look so forward to getting to spend eternity getting to know him face to face.

Anyway, my aunt had powerful, wise insight into how to pray for these couples. I have prayed her words many times and hope that it spurs your heart to pray for these couples as well. Last year, my aunt went to be with Jesus after a 20+ year battle with cancer. Praying her words brings me comfort now, knowing that she and her little boy have been reunited.


For each person to respect the other way of grieving. Pray that the couple would be able to commit to a prayer time together to help get through this.  To set a separate time for the whole family to pray together. Pray specifically for God to help them rely on each other like never before. Pray for them to be open with one another. That they will not feel the need  to protect each other from more suffering by not sharing with one another. In other words. Being truthful and open.