Praying for marriage, day 69, April 23

Today I want to pray for relationships with in-laws. What a weird relationship–people are forced together to be family by no choice of their own but simply a mutual love for one person. I’ve seen this relationship flourish and bloom immediately and and also struggle and struggle for years. Our relationship with Aaron’s parents has certainly not been easy and has been quite rocky at times, and as the years go by, I pray for God’s redemptive hand to weave beautiful things in our family. But it can be heart-breaking and messy along the way.

So today I pray for in-law relationships. I pray for humility, selfless love, a willingness to release (truly release) any expectations of the other party, the ability to submit to one another, abounding forgiveness, strength against resentment, forgetfulness of past hurts, and a true love for one another that is not tainted by ulterior motives. I pray for creative ways to reach out and relate, insight into how to love each other effectively, healthy boundaries, respect for boundaries, respect for each couple and how their own family functions, and a true biblical understanding of family.