Praying for marriage, day 100

Today I am praying for marriages in which one spouse is chronically or terminally ill. I pray for humility for the caretaker and humility for the sick person as they learn to love each other by serving and accepting help. I pray for patience, tenderness, openness, intimacy, honesty. I pray for others to come around the couple and help! I pray against despair, resentment, exhaustion, entitlement, bitterness. I pray for utter dependence on Jesus and a deep understanding of His character and of God as Sovereign healer, tender father, compassionate protector. I pray for hope and miracles and healing, both physical and emotional. I pray for a heightened joy in understanding our bodies are temporary and our pain is temporary. I pray for excitement for what the sacrifices of illness bring in intimacy with each other and Christ and relationships that would never be close to how amazing they are after suffering together and leaning in Jesus’ everlasting arms.