October 26

October 26 is a special day for me. First of all, it’s the birthday of a very near and dear friend of mine–we go back 20 years, and every year I am more and more thankful that God gifted me with her.

Secondly, it’s the anniversary of the day in 2006 when Colorado Springs got a huge snow storm that basically shut the city down. That morning, I woke up, saw the huge amount of snow, and called work to find out that the organization would not open that day. I happily went back to sleep but was awakened soon after by my phone ringing–it was my guitar teacher. I had a lesson that evening, so I assumed he was calling to cancel due to the weather. I let him go to voicemail, and then I listened to it just to make sure (don’t judge me–I’m an introvert). To my surprise, he was actually calling to tell me that his grandmother died.

My guitar teacher and I volunteered together with the college group at our church, which is how we knew each other, so while it was a little strange for him to call me first thing in the morning to give me this news, it wasn’t totally weird–after all, we were part of the same church community. Maybe he felt most comfortable with me and wanted me to pass the word on to the other leaders so we could be praying for him. I called him back to offer my condolences, and I didn’t hang up the phone for eight hours. Yes, eight hours. We started off talking about his grandmother but quickly moved on to other subjects until we had filled our free snowday off work with conversation with each other.

From that point on, we often talked eight hours a day, but in person. I frequently didn’t get home until the middle of the night. No subject went undiscussed, no topic was off limits. Eventually and painfully, he confessed his love for me, and the rest is history for another blog post.

But every year on this date, I fondly remember the beginning of my love story–how Aaron went from guitar teacher to personal rock star and soul-mate-lover.

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3 thoughts on “October 26

    1. blytheleanne Post author

      Indeed. Aaron always jokes about how when you’re grandmother dies, isn’t the first person everyone calls their guitar student? :)

  1. Caroline

    I love this story of God’s work in your life and how He used some really amazing circumstances to bring you near to Rockstar’s heart! :)

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