Grieving in community

Last night some Westside women joined me in my living room for a sweet hour of prayer. We prayed for Kara, Jason, their babies, their parents and family, friends, and everyone who is touched by Kara’s life. And then one of the ladies prayed for my baby boy, who is particularly attached to Kara. And I lost it; I cried the ugly cry, snot and tears mingling as they inevitably traveled to the corners of my mouth, the saltiness reminding me of bitter tears of grief shed in years past.   VonAndKara

I would say I’ve had my fair share of grief, which has taught me many life lessons, one being that there are few safe people in this world and just as few people who are willing to travel the long road of mourning with you instead of expecting you to get over it and move on with your life.

That is why what happened last night was impactful—never have I experienced grief in community, in unity with so many people.

Isn’t that why funerals, memorial services, receptions are important? They provide a place for all the mourners to be together to cry and laugh and process grief together. But then you all go home, you all have to figure out your new normal, and that unity tapers off as the texts and phone calls get fewer and farther between.

Yet as one of my closest, favorite friends moves closer and closer to her Homecoming, I find myself surrounded by people who are experiencing a grief just like mine. In fact, I can’t think of a single person in my immediate circle who doesn’t at least know of Kara and her story, who isn’t praying for her and praying for me.IMG_0945

Every day I get two kinds of emails or texts regarding Kara. One is people who don’t know her personally but want to know how she is doing and the other is people who want to know how they can love me in the midst of this awful goodbye.

What? This is new to me.

Texting with friends and my sisters, we talked about our tendency to withdraw when faced with such deep pain. When asked if I felt numb, I said, “I think there is an element of grief that numbs us out of necessity—there are so many practical things to do, and if I indulge my sadness, those things won’t get done. My tendency is to withdraw and bury my feelings just to survive.”IMG_0138

And while I pray against that—pray that I will move toward Jesus and Aaron, in particular—I am reminded that I can’t withdraw. I am not allowed. Too many people are reaching out to me every single day to love and encourage and care for me and my family. There is no way I can stuff my feelings away. My community won’t stand for that; they are instead standing by with open arms and generosity of heart.

So this is the Body of Christ. For years I’ve wondered what it would be like to experience such intimacy with my church. I would rather Kara stay with us than find out how wonderful it is to be loved so well by community. But this is our story, this is God’s story. Our communal grief is beautiful, awful, powerful, a game changer. Not only am I not the same person for knowing Kara, I will not be the same person for losing her (temporarily until I am reunited with her), and I will not be the same person for walking this road with our church family.IMG_1166

And so we clumsily, unitedly move toward each other in this suffering. We will cling to each other for breath when Kara has said goodbye, and we will numbly discover our new normal afterward as we continue to be faithful in the mundane, fighting for Grace in our grief.

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  1. dawn

    Thank you for sharing this! Praying for this community as you all “press in” to one another as the body of Christ in your grief and sorrow. May he grant you grace as you seek to love and live in the mundane as Kara has urged and inspired us to do over the years. ~from a “friend of a friend” who has followed Kara’s story all along….saddened from afar and ever praying ~dawn

  2. Donna Strom

    i grieve with you all. I only know Kara through her blog, book and Facebook posts but I love her deeply. I admire her strength and courage and now her faithfulness as she faces eternity too soon for us but at just the right time in God’s plan. You wonderful friends have served her well and have modeled what it means to be true friends for all of us. Praying Grace and peace to you and to Kara.

    1. Janie Elhard

      I second what Donna Strom posted. Love, prayers, and His Peace to all who know Kara, and for Kara and her family. <3

  3. Sarah

    I am one of the plethora who, although we have people in common, do not know Kara personally. However, God (through Kara) has impacted my life greatly. Thank you for sharing this beautiful, honest, & heartbreaking message. My prayers & heart are with you and all who know her.

  4. Vicki

    Thanks for being on the front lines of one that so many have fallen in love with only through her words. Thanks for being one who is loving her well when I can only pray from very far away. You, along with Kara’s family are being lifted up as many strangers just search for how to help someone we have grown to love tho never met. You are being my hands and feet and I thank you. I am praying for your little one too. May God bless you all as you walk the reality of what so many will only experience from so far away. Much love and many prayers….Thank you.

  5. susie owen

    Beautifully said …praying and sending love to the community to all of us who have been touched by kara…

  6. CharListens

    Thank you for sharing. There appears to be multitudes are in the we’ve never met her personally group and I know for me my concern is she will leave the planet and I won’t know it so…. is there a point person that will let us know when Kara’s address has changed? Thank you for all that your doing…. it is a very hard journey and I will pray for you as you serve. Sending Big Love/Hugs OOO your way.

  7. penny

    I have been following Kara & her blogs…wondering who these friends are who are loving her so purposefully as she lives publicly in hard places. You are not alone. Her readers pray for you as we lose a godly mother, wife, sister, writer & friend.

    Thank you for helping make her voice audible longer. Thank you for letting your baby get close to her. You didn’t protect yourself from loving someone who had a mission from God & like Aaron & Joshua you held up her arms so we could all see God act in remarkable ways.

    Please know they are thousands of us who will grieve at her voice growing silent. We will not be at a memorial service in your town, but we will weep with you. Folks in Philly are talking about getting together to discuss her words & honor Jesus who had helped her & those who love her live honorably in the hard places.

    Peace to you & the community who loves the Tippent servants . Thanks for sharing her

    1. s.harris

      Hello, I have been reading Kara’s blog off and on and she is on my heart often. When I read the sentence – Kara is getting closer to her homecoming,( please forgive me as I know it is written in great love), I become angry. I humbly submit that it seems to me that saying this is giving in to death. Talking about grieving in community, feels as if death is a done deal. Please realize that I do understand the fact that God does not heal every time and we do need to grieve together, but grieving is plan B. Plan A is healing.
      There is a poem by Dylan Thomas, that says, in part , ” Do not go gentle into that good night, rage, rage against the dying of the light.” I have read in different blogs, about how death is part of our journey and a season we are in. Death and sickness is not a “season” it is not a “journey” it is never, ever God’s will. The bible says that death is the final enemy. Why can’t we call a spade a spade? – The devil causes sickness, God allows it for his own good purposes, but he does not say, ” My dear child, I know you are sick, boy that must hurt, but just relax this is part of your journey.” * cue the mystical music*. He is not some Zen yogi master. He is a loving father. He gives us many example of coming to him for our healing.Have we forgotten God’s word? Is the power of cancer, greater than the power of our God? Didn’t Jesus say to keep coming to him with our requests? To never give up? God can save us from death if we are ill. He is sovereign in this ,yes, but he is really, really merciful! God has given us so many examples of healing, of those that have cried to him and been healed. And those who have petitioned Jesus for the healing of a loved one. I am guilty of looking at the healing power that was displayed throughout the bible and then seeing cancer and giving up hope for healing. I have read Kara’s blog, and said there is no way. It looks to hard. I have looked at her blog and seen this beautiful faith, this sweetness of character. I can look at it in one way a beautiful testimony to grace, which it is, but let us not read her words and not see the heart of a woman who longs to live. And let us take that heart to our loving Father. With God nothing is impossible. Please let us not forget that.

      1. s. harris

        After I wrote this post I realized that it might come across as accusatory. I apologize if this is the case.

  8. Kcaarin

    I too met Kara through her words. They have challenged me and inspired me to start a blog of my own (my grief was so strong I needed an outlet to pour into so I could find that ‘numbness’ to go on). Kara has impacted my life in such a way. I am experiencing her community with her and am so blessed by it even though it hasn’t reached my community here yet. Thank you for your beautiful post. Continuing in prayer for our sweet sister in Christ.

  9. Laura McKeane

    i too join the community of people that don’t know her personally but follow her blog. I have no words other than to say that I pray daily for her and her family- and now for the community that has so loved her so. Thank you for sharing with us…

  10. Georgia

    Thanks for sharing. I’m in tears but without words. There will be so many people Kara has touched who will be praying through this time with her and you and everyone else who loves her.

  11. Barb Sanders

    Over the weeks I have found myself drawn in to walk alongside Kara, Jason, their littles and each of you as you walk this road…I am just another name, another face on a website, but one who has come to love them dearly. Sister in Christ. Brother in Christ. As my husband and I pray after breakfast…lifting up the most recent part of this journey, my tears flow….my heart breaks, yet there is hope smoothing all the jagged edges of pain….the only Hope….Jesus….Jesus Who will one day reunite this family in Him….at Home….for ever. Till that day….I pray…I cry…. I love. xx

  12. Janine

    That was beautiful.
    Kara would be so pleased with your words of love & caring. How blessed are you both to have such a special friendship.
    I too am praying for Kara yet never met her. Her story touches my heart so deeply and having to leave behind 4 children reminds me of my mother who also passed away from cancer when I was just 9 years of age. (She was only 45.) I also battled cancer this year and I was blessed with remission. I wish everyone could hear the words, “You’re in remission”. Seems so unfair. Why some and not the others? We are a sisterhood/brotherhood of people who have/had cancer. I’ve watched her battle with great interest, seeing her grace has been incredible.

    God bless you and may He walk beside you as you move through these days. Kara will be with Jesus, as she’s told us so many times, and that is a comfort. I don’t know her personally though, so, it’s words on a page for me. I’m praying in earnest for her and her husband and “littles”.

  13. Randy K

    May God let you understand how deeply even strangers feel the words you write. You are writing His name across a path inside our hearts, and when we face that path in our own journeys, or in the journeys of our loved ones, many if not most of us will be able to see God there because you showed us first.

  14. Jill

    All my life, growing up in the church, we sang the song “O to be like Thee, Blessed Redeemer…” The first refrain has been on repeat in my brain for the last few weeks when I think of Kara and her testimony, witness and life.

    O to be like Thee! blessed Redeemer;
    This is my constant longing and prayer;
    Gladly I’ll forfeit all of earth’s treasures,
    Jesus, Thy perfect likeness to wear.

    I have never met anyone who has lived their life like Kara. I think of Jesus when I read about her, picture his face when I see her. His likeness is written all over her, and I am so privileged to have borne witness to this testimony of God’s perfect grace in all of your stories. I write this to you instead of her in hopes that you will please pass on to her this message. Thank you for living like Jesus, for tacking me about him and how to truly live a life full of Jesus.

    Weeping with all of you, and yet rejoicing in God’s tender hand in your lives.

  15. Dotty Sullivan

    We are all one in Jesus ! May He speak to each of our hearts and may we be ready to tell others of the hope that we have burning inside us and love and comfort one another. Soon there will be no more separations and we all will be happy for eternity together!!!

  16. Lori D.

    I’m new to your blog via a post Kara shared on Facebook.. I want you to know that I will be praying for you and your family as well! I don’t know Kara (like many of her blog readers) and yet, I feel as if I DO know her. Does that make any sense? It’s strange to me because, as a survivor of long term childhood abuse, I don’t trust easily or feel safe enough to share my heart with just anyone. And though I am a Christian and most definitely have healed a great deal (by the grace of God) and I DO have a compassionate heart, I would have been surprised a year or so ago if someone had told me I’d be “this sad” over someone I’ve not met personally. I soooo wish I could meet Kara here on earth and give her a gentle hug and say thank you! I don’t know if she even has the strength to read all of the messages her readers leave her and that’s understandable but I hope she knows at least on some level how deeply she is loved and how greatly Jesus has used her to minister to others in their hard places.
    I don’t want her to go, Blythe. I know that is selfish of me… I’m sorry for that. I just can’t bear to think of Jason and especially her babies missing her though I know deep down that Jesus WILL meet them in their grief! Kara has taught me that–and so much more!
    She has taught me, in the middle of my “hard”—missing my precious nephew who I’ve been banned from seeing solely because I was concerned enough to contact Dept. of Child and Family Services for his protection. He is not even 2 yet. He has no voice! And though I tried talking to my (half) brother and his girlfriend about their drinking and anger issues (not at the baby but the baby has witnessed way too much), they didn’t listen. So on Jan. 4th, it will be a year since I have seen my precious baby nephew. Holidays have not been the same. I alternate between anger at their inability to see what they are doing to themselves, the baby especially and everyone that cares for them and then a deep grieving depression and feeling of powerlessness. There is so much on this earth I can’t “fix!”
    So sorry to be so long winded… I just want you to know that you too are on my heart and in my prayers! If you ever need someone to listen….I would be honored to be here for you. I’m NOT Kara by ANY means but the Lord has given me a heart for people and a desire to help when I can.

  17. Lori P

    I’m new to your blog through a FB post that Kara posted. I only found Kara a few months ago and boy how much she has impacted my life in the short amount of time that I’ve followed her blog and on FB. I feel blessed to have seen her light shining so bright in such darkness of this world. I can honestly say that I wish “we” all had her here with us longer, but my heart aches for her suffering that she endures day to day. I don’t want her to be weak and in pain any longer. So I will along with so many others say goodbye until we are all rejoicing in heaven together. If by chance Kara reads this I hope she knows how much her voice and her story means to so many others out there in the world. You made such a difference in those that came in contact with you. Your life and death matter my sweet sister in Christ.

  18. Vicki

    Oh sweet sister in The Lord…praying for you and Kara’s community. Her authenticity and sharing her mundane moments in which she has tasted grace in the midst of hard has been heart challenging. I think of her and her family daily.

  19. Marcy

    “Our communal grief is beautiful, awful, powerful, a game changer.”

    I’ve wondered at this type of community lately. Found myself growing toward it but still looking for the people. Wondered if I’m capable of connecting to the degree of the depth I feel, afraid of the answer either way. Thank you for this glimpse. Praying for your journey.

  20. Heather Gillespie

    Praying.Crying.Praying. My heart hurts with the suffering and feels great joy because of the big love that am i feeling from Kara’s many, many friends from around the world. As Kara said, Jesus is enough. Praying.

  21. Jodi

    I hope a friend close to Kara will be chosen to update Mundane Faithfulness from time to time during her short term absence from us. With such a following, people would love to hear updates about her family as they move towards their reunion with Kara. I hope someone special can do this. Kara has built such a commuity here on this crazy social media spot! We will miss her greatly!

    1. Carolyn Mercer

      I too hope someone in your community, perhaps you, will keep us updated about Jason, the children and the community as they continue this earthly journey until all are reunited at the foot of the Throne of grace.

    1. Pat Hamel

      Amen, Eva917. That would be a wonderful tribute to Kara if everyone who has been following her journey would pay it forward by reaching out to others in their communities who are going through the same journey but often more privately. My small corner of the world fortunately has fund-raisers and provide support to those struggling with adversity -whether illness, fires, deaths, etc – to try to help them through their trials and tribulations. If the multitudes of people around the world who are following Kara would reach out to even one person in need in their community, just imagine what a positive impact that would have!!! Heck, perhaps it could grow into something that would concretely show her impact in creating such a movement and keep her memory alive – like “Krews for Kara” or “Kara’s Karegivers”…. just my musings…..

      1. Lori D'Amico

        I love your idea–and I did reach out to someone today who’s child battled cancer and is now with Jesus. Thinking of you, Kara and praying for you and your precious family!

  22. Felicity Corbin Wheeler

    Having nearly died of pancreatic cancer myself in 2003, and lost a brave, bright and beautiful young daughter to Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in 1989, I know the pain, and send love and prayer to all of you from Spain. We must vow to eradicate this plague of cancer, which is what I now do with my Bible based Get Well and Stay Well 90 minute weekly Friday programs on Christian Revelation TV reaching 169 countries. Jesus is the ONLY answer! Healings can and do happen when we detox from the world’s chemical ways and revert to His Word in His Creation program. Genesis 1:29 and 30. That is how I healed against all the odds. God’s amazing immune system, which the world is destroying…. Blessings and love to all.

  23. Callie

    Oh, such precious words about, clearly, an incredible community of followers of Jesus. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for your transparency. We’re battling incurable cancer here as well, and some parts of the journey are strange, even within the church, unfortunately. And while trudging along, we cling to Alcorn’s 50 Days of Heaven book, urging us that’s it’s OK to get excited about our next journey, to Heaven. Our son is named after one of the 12 tribes of Israel (also named for one of the 12 gates in Heaven) and so we plan to meet there, when both of us finally graduate to Heaven. Having a tangible meeting place brings us bucket-loads of comfortable. Bless you, Kara and Jason’s community of Jesus-Followers!

  24. Janice

    Through the tears and grief, our earthly eyes and ears won’t hear those precious words – “Welcome Home Kara – this is the place I’ve prepared for you!” But she will!!! Then her beautiful smile will be even bigger! Praying from Alabama.

  25. Marcy Sexton

    Your community now is so much bigger than you even know. Our love of Christ and our love for Kara unites us even without knowing each others names. It is truly beautiful. As I have cried those ugly snot tears for the last few days I have prayed to continue to see the goodness and faithfulness of God for it is there so big. Kara is showing me grace like I’ve never seen. Prayers for you and for your sweet boy. He looks so sweet I could eat him with a spoon!

  26. Sondra

    Thank you for sharing your heart and for allowing the rest of us to share ours through Kara’s life she is walking right now. The loss of a loved one and walking their journey of illness is the hardest thing one can do and the after life without them is devastatingly hard at times. The only hope we have is Yeshua Jesus, as we all know, and when your there in the midst of that time, you just keep going, He and the Father meets you there whether you feel Them or not. I stop and pray for Kara during the day hoping that she is not feeling the discomfort that I saw my Mother feel for a year. When you’ve experienced this with a loved one before, the pain reenters your being again to see others going through it too. That is where your experiences come to life and the scripture in Corinthians that tells us that we should comfort those with the comfort that you were shown in your time of grief comes alive and suddenly shows you where your life does matter in helping others. The hope that we have in knowing that we will see Kara again, where she has conquered the disease of cancer and there is NO MORE PAIN or disease is beyond our minds comprehension, but is true and one truth that we MUST hold on to. But for now, we are there with our prayers, tears, and loyalty to our sister and others who are walking this road in such grace and victory before us. I can not wait to hug Ms Kara on the other side of this disease and tell her, “Job well done”,,,,,,AFTER we hear our Savior say, “Well Done My Good And Faithfull Servant”.

  27. Betty Goff

    Tears and prayers for your little community. I met Kara on Facebook by chance and find her testimony sad but a lesson from our lord on how to live and die with dignity and grace. I know it’s hard to die and leave her childrenwhen they are so young. I lost my dad as a child and lost my son as a adult. I want to leave a legacy to my two other children as I too shall pass to my home in heaven. Kara has shown me how to be strong and I will never forget her. Thank god for her! I’ve read her book till it is worn. I plan on getting a new copy. In my heart and soul….Betty

  28. Bonnie Annis

    Thank you for posting this. I have been following Kara’s story since I was diagnosed with stage 2B Breast Cancer in June of 2014. She has been such an inspiration to me. I am continuing to pray for her and for the family but also for the body of Christ, her church, that has surrounded her with BIG LOVE! Thank you for being part of that love and for loving her so well in your own special way. God bless all of you as you walk through this valley. I am selfish in wanting to know how I can pray for her and I am hoping you will continue to update those of us out here in internet land who love and care for her even though we’ve only met her through her priceless words of wisdom in her book and on her blog/facebook page. Praying for strength and courage in the days ahead…Isaiah 41:10, Bonnie Annis

  29. Betty Laferty

    Such beautiful words. My heart hurts for Kara, her loves and now for you, your family and this special community.
    I am so thankful you felt able to share with all of us that have never met Kara-you extended great grace and comfort.
    Thank you for your community. I will be
    much in prayer as Jesus guides you minute by minute, as you minister to Kara and her family.And as you continue to do so, long after her last breath.
    May God bless you anew each day.As Kara has taught us-Jesus is enough and grace will be there.
    Betty Laferty

  30. cindy forbeck

    Thank you for sharing this
    I do not know Kara personally but have heard her speak, read her blog, and read her book. I even gave the book as a gift. Kara and her story has touched me very deeply. I will never forget her and I pray that you as her ” sisters” will.find comfort in her love for you. And I pray for her family too.

  31. Elisabeth

    I have seen what can be with Kara and God’s community…the possible… through her gifts of expression & love…her community.. your community has stretched far…God’s love has found so many of us…

  32. Donna Parrack

    Thank you so much for sharing your heart with us. I am one of those people who don’t know Kara personally, but have grown to love her through reading her blog and meeting her at a conference in North Carolina last September. She has touched my life and so many others in a way that’s hard to explain. I’ve never met anyone like her. I go to Mundane Faithfulness several times a day to check for an update. I’ve shed tears until I think I can shed no more, then I shed more tears. With your being Kara’s very close friend, I cannot imagine your level of grief. I will continue to pray for Kara and her family, but I will also pray for everyone who loves her as she walks this final journey toward home. Again, thank you for sharing with us.

  33. Jeanne Takenaka

    Blythe, I have been praying for Kara, and for her community. I will continue to pray for you and each person during these painful days, and beyond.

    Thank you for sharing a bit of your heart, and for giving a good example of how you walk with someone and how you grieve in community. My heart hurts for all of you.

  34. Karen

    Thank you for sharing. My heart breaks for Kara, her family and her beautiful friends and for those us who got to be a part of her facebook family. May you all feel God’s peace at such a difficult time. Your words are beautiful.

  35. Jackie

    Thank you for updating us about Kara. I too am touched by Kara’s story of love, strength, courage and grace and mercy and peace. God has shown all of this to her and her family. I pray for Kara often and think about her and her children and her husband. God will keep them safe and one blessed day, they will meet each other again but this time the meeting will be forever. I am praying for this family and please keep us up to date on the Tipppets. Thanking you in Advance. From Georgia

  36. Michelle Clayton

    I, like so many others, have come to love and pray for Kara from afar. While we may not know her personally as you do, I can assure you that her life and her walk in Christ has truly transformed our thinking and the way that we live our lives, love our children, embrace our husbands, and accept the daily challenge to walk in God’s big love.

    There are so many of us who want and need to stay connected to Kara and her story that I was wondering if God is leading someone’s heart to start a Virtual/online Bible study group where all those who come across Kara’s beautiful story will always have a place to express gratitude for God blessing us with Kara and providing a safe place where we can continue to encourage each other to live life daily in God’s big love. Just a thought…

    1. Maria Cuervo

      I share your thought to open a virtual Bible study and it can help as you said to encourage each other,especially in hard times, in a Christian way. Kara’s testimony has been a significant tool to touch many people and help us to see all the love that Jesus has for us. I’m facing health problems and I would like to share one support Christan group. Blessings!!!

  37. Susan

    My dearest Blythe, Thank you for opening your home and your heart to us. It brings me so much comfort to know we can reach out to one another in our grief. You are a safe place unlike any I’ve ever experienced before. I love you. Let us continue to spur one another on in love and good deeds. Susan

  38. Michele Morin

    Thank you for boldly sharing your grief with us and for pulling back the curtain on a very precious and private time in your life. May God carry you all through these dark days and show you His Light.

  39. Eugenia Johnson

    You write so beautifully and I am so sorry for the hurt you all, and especially your son, are going through. I have been following Kara for a few months and have fallen in love with her and her family….and also drawn closer to Jesus . How can we get her to the beach??? I have looked into GoFundMe and wondered if it would be possible for her to try to go and if it would help to raise money to send her and her family to the beach. What do you think?? I know everyone would love to do something…anything to fulfill her wish!!
    God Bless You and I will be praying for you all. Please let me know what we can do!!
    Thank you!

  40. Christine Drech

    I live in Chicago, IL. I have become smitten with not only Kara, but you too, since her blog posted to yours about grieving in Community. thank you for your touching sharings…
    I’m writing in hopes you can help make sure Kara has seen a small package I sent her a couple weeks ago from St. Nektarios Greek Orthodox Church in Covina, CA. It is Holy Oil. This is saint of the orthodox lived in modern times. When he died, his body smelled of roses and the whole hospital emitted this scent. His coat was tossed on a paralytic, and he was miraculously healed. There are still to this day, many miraculous healings occuring on behalf of this Saint. This is a saint that has been known for miraculous cancer healings in this day and age. I know Kara is a beleiver, with all her mind, heart, soul and strength. Even if it doesnt make a difference, what does it hurt to try? It is for healing of soul and body. It was mailed to the Westside PO box. Can you make sure she received it? and anoint her? It would mean a lot to me and be a blessing to her. I am writing you in hopes you can check on this .

    here is a link to the church, and a story about the saint and his many healings!the-saint/c3w4
    and more miracle accounts towards bottom of this link:

    thank you for all you do!
    With love of CHrist,

    ~CHristine Drechsler

  41. Kara

    My dear friend posted a comment on one of Kara’s posting in Facebook. That is how I found out about Kara; I read every posting that I could see on her Facebook page. So much love emanated from her postings and sadness. Thank you for praying for her and her family.

    Can elements of grief be beautiful? During your prayer hour, I see that it can be. I see that in deep sadness, and sorrow, people can come together and love, really love how God wants us to love. I have yearned for this type of love in my life. Love without dysfunction that has clouded it. I will continue to hold all of you in prayer. God bless you and your love ones. Sending big hugs. Kara

  42. Julie

    This is a beautiful post. I, too, have never met Kara, except in her words in her blog and book, but I fiercely love her as a sister. I will never read or hear the words “big love” or “braving broken” without thinking of Kara. What a painfully glorious stewardship you friends have to walk out this journey with her and her family! So many prayers are surrounding you all. It is holy ground to enter into your sufferings.

  43. Tanya Leonard

    Yes love sweet Kara and her family! What a beautiful blessing they have been to all of us who have loved them through prayers and following close their story. Kara is a life changer and her voice for Jesus has changed many lives and brought others to know Him more. Would love to be apart of raising monies for her and her family to go to the beach if she can. If anyone has a great idea please email me and let me know! I would love for her to continue moving forward in life as she waits for Jesus to come. Blessings and love to everyone!
    Tanya Leonard

  44. Sandy

    Beautiful post, I’ve actually spent more time praying for her community, you who are there in the trenches. Praying for you to feel the Lord lifting you as Aaron lifted Moses arms. Praying that as you walk through this this big hard loving thing that you get rest, restoration, renewal and refreshment. That as you who are the hands and feet of Jesus to Kara and her family and each other, will feel the prayers of all of us who have been touched by Kara. This of us who will never be the same because of walking this journey. Blessings on doing the hard love, softly, with love.

  45. Judy Grieve

    Kara’s sharing shows us how to both live and die with grace. Leaving what we know and those whom we love is too hard to wrap our minds around. But Kara is gently leading us on the path of grace in dying, while still radiating her love of living. All of you who are surrounding her with community love are seeing God’s amazing presence in person. A blessing I think you/we will have to reflect on for quite awhile to truly appreciate. Kara is God’s faithful servant. I pray that she is comfortable, that Jason feels strength and courage he did not know he had. But the children will need your loving community to sustain them as they live these last days. Prayers flood the air, fill the thin space and continue to flow from those of us who care for Kara.

  46. Yvette Barber

    I read her words, feel her pain and sorrow and share her hope in Jesus. I grieve with those who have had the privilege to know her personally, those that love her and those who will feel the loss of her young life for the rest of theirs. Kara touches lives, I believe that is why God put her where she is, to inspire us to seek Christ, to have Faith, to take advantage of the years, days, and moments we have with those we love and most importantly, to have gratitude for those moments.

  47. Renee

    Joining with you in prayer from KY. Kara’s words have so humbled, challenged, and inspired me. If those of us following her blog have such an ache in our hearts though we haven’t met Kara, I know it must be so hard for all of you loving her face to face. May God’s powerful and intimate grace cover you all.

    1. Kerri Peden

      Oh, the applause of heaven that will greet Kara! She has shown us that Jesus IS enough. I am hopeful that there will be a way to stay updated on her precious family and community of faith. Sharing their continuing journey would be a lovely tribute to the big love she shared with us all.

  48. Carol

    Thank you for your beautifully written post.
    Praying for you, and just remembered some Hallmark books that allow you (or Kara!) to record your voice as your child turns the pages. I haven’t actually read the books, so I don’t know of the quality– but just wondered if I could possibly send you one for Kara to record for your little boy (and ones for her kiddos too, for that matter)?
    I know you are so busy, and it may just not be a good idea for whatever reason. But please just know you and your family are remembered and prayed for!
    Carol Mccullough

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