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I am a happy homemaker, wife of a hunky rockstar-in-my-eyes, mother to one boy and one girl. We live in a sweet bungalow, eat real food, cloth diaper our babies, share a Prius, and wish we had the courage to be full-blown minimalists. I am a relational introvert who is passionate about getting to know others, especially when God’s redemptive hand can be traced through their stories. Many years ago, God saved me from a life of self-addiction and indulgence, and every day I am grateful for his pursuit and tender love.

My husband and I met at church. He is a graphic designer as well as the worship leader at our church (ask me more about our church–we belong to a churchplant, and it’s about the most amazing church experience I’ve ever had!). He plays several instruments and sings, and one of his passions is recording/producing. He’s pretty much a genius.

I have my BA in English Literature and my MA in English with a concentration in poetry writing. When our son was born, I quit my job and became a full-time homemaker, which is a dream come true. God has blessed us beyond our imaginations, and every day we experience him further proving his love for us.

Thank you for visiting my little site!

4 thoughts on “About me…

  1. Cathy Dawson

    Blythe, I have looked over your blog and find it very endearing. I know you only through Kara and her wonderful thoughts of you. You are a blessing to her and I am eager to read more of your life as well. We attended Westside for a time and I do remember seeing you there but did not know you were a new mommy. I enjoyed your rock star husband leading worship! God bless…

  2. Christy (norwood) Taylor

    Hi! I follow Kara via mundane faithfulness on facebook. I just saw your picture there and then your name… And am sure that it was!! You and your sisters worked at White Sulphur Springs years ago – right? I hope it was you! I just remember you all had such a sweet, gentle beauty!!!

    Thanks for sharing these words! As a fellow introvert, I appreciate them!!

  3. Nancy Smelser

    I’m so glad that Kara has you as her friend. It is so strange how I feel like I know her because I love her so much but yet we’ve never met. I live in the Springs and would love to know about your church plant. Thank you.
    Nancy Smelser

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