6 songs–my life’s soundtrack

This weekend, NPR had a brief feature about a project entitled “A Life in America“–exploring personal playlists of people’s lives. This got me to thinking. We grew up in a house of music. We all played the piano and at least attempted a second instrument. And we all sang. Daddy loved to hear us practice and Mamma loved music, period. I have wonderful memories of dancing to classical music with my sisters when I was 3 or 4, acting out musicals, holding the tape recorder in my lap in the car while we listened to tapes on road trips, singing duets or trios with my sisters. I hope our children have similar memories.

guitar von and papa 005

My whole life is a soundtrack, so picking 6 songs to represent that soundtrack is about impossible. I’ll probably change my mind tomorrow about what I’ve chosen, but for now, this is what I’ve thought of.

When I was little, before my younger siblings were born, I was home alone with Mamma after my sisters went to school. Every time I hear Hooked on a Feeling, I think of those sweet years.

Growing up in a Christian home in the 80s, we listened to a lot of Christian music. At first I had an Amy Grant song listed here because we had every single one of her tapes and I loved her, but more than Amy Grant or any Psalty song or Music Machine song or Nathaniel the Grublet song, I loved The Roar of Love by 2nd Chapter of Acts, which is The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe set to amazing 70s music. My favorite song was “Turkish Delight,” but I can’t find a clip of just that song. The link above has ALL the songs in it, which is awesome–you’ll love it, I promise.

I spent most of my 20s exploring and rebelling and discovering. One of the redeeming parts of this time was the music I was introduced to. The White Stripes is still one of my favorite bands and I always think of them fondly when I think of their part in my journey. Seven Nation Army is just a taste.

That said, my 20s were difficult and also when God wooed me to him. I was introduced to Reformed theology, and all of a sudden, my entire life–including and especially my struggles–made sense. At this point, I was also introduced to different Christian musicians who sing about these concepts that were new to me. I Need Thee Every Hour became one of my anthems during this time of learning and hope renewed.

In the middle of our wedding ceremony, Aaron stepped away, sat down in a chair, picked up his guitar, and surprised me with a song he wrote just for the occasion. It was the most romantic gesture ever (he also printed the lyrics in the programs without my knowing and recorded it onto the cds of a song we wrote and recorded together that we gave away as our favors). If there were a youtube link to that song, I’d include it. But instead, I’ll choose Wild Thing, which he played and sang to me with the band at our reception. So. Hot.

Now I am a mama. When our son was in the NICU, we would sing You Are My Sunshine to him during different procedures and tests to comfort him. It became our baby anthem and we would sing it any time he was upset or anxious and it would calm him immediately. Now that we have two sunshines, we have customized it–“You are my Vonshine” and “You are my Annshine”.

What 6 songs would you choose for your life soundtrack???