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created for love

Yesterday my sister Caitlin and I were discussing a book we’re reading together (Relationships: A Mess Worth Making by Lane & Tripp), and she referenced something her pastor said in a recent sermon about God creating this world: creation was born (spoken) as a result DSC00882of a love among the Trinity. In other words, God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit love each other so much they decided to create together and pour their love on that creation. We were created to receive God’s love. God created us to love us. And he thought the mess we would make of his beautiful creation was worth it. To the point where he sacrificed the ultimate to make sure we still had an avenue for receiving his love.

I can’t stop thinking about that.

God’s love is rich. Bountiful. Overwhelming. Lavish. Extravagant.

28897_509096341454_176300310_30260626_7441781_nI have a tendency to interpret my life didactically; it’s all about what I need to learn and how I should grow and what I shouldn’t do anymore. And I definitely think it’s wise to ponder those things. But I get so mired in the muck of looking at myself that I let the whole point pass me by: I was created to be loved and to love in response.

I love how John Piper interprets the chief end of man from the Westminster Catechism: To glorify God by enjoying him.DSC01012

When I think about who I enjoy, the people I love the most come to mind—my babies, my 31175_1447328225526_1302800685_1211839_1710450_nhusband, Caitlin. Etcetera. The deeper my love for someone, the more I enjoy them. And the deeper they love me, the freer I am to enjoy them.

Oh, the freedom that comes with being convinced of someone’s unconditional love for me! I am my best with my family, my most, my Blythest. And their love is a reflection of the love of my Creator’s. He created me—created you—with love and care and much attention to detail. And as we battle through the brokenness of this world day to day, God’s love preserves who we are and invites us to take off the masks we wear for self protection and to relax into the safety of his love.

Ahhhhhh. I am created to love and be loved. My, how that penetrates my heart.

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